The Children's Legal Center relies heavily on volunteers to provide legal services to a diverse population of vulnerable children and families. We are always in need of volunteers to fill a number of roles.

Contact Laura.hoover@childrenslegalcenterchicago.org if you want to help make a difference


Highly needed languages are:




Although all languages are helpful

If you speak English and any other language fluently, and are willing to donate a few hours periodically, please feel free to contact us. Any support is appreciated.

Mental Health Professionals

The Children's Legal Center aims to provide a number of services to children, and one key role we would like to expand on is being able to offer Mental Health resources. All of the children we help have experienced severe trauma. Documenting the effects of the trauma is necessary to support immigration applications, and helping them start healing as soon as possible is integral.

If you are a licensed Counselor or Psychologist and are willing to donate your time and expertise, it would be greatly appreciated.


With the rising number of immigrants and refugees, the more resources we have the better. With additional Legal staff and volunteers, we can help more children and ensure that the future of our nation is just.

Any and all licensed lawyers who are willing to donate their time are greatly appreciated.

Social Workers

Knowledge that they aren't in danger of being removed from the country is a huge burden off of the shoulders of immigrants, but it doesn't mean that our work here is done. Children also struggle with access to health care, school, and basic necessities to live and flourish.

Anyone with social work experience who can donate a few hours a week would be greatly appreciated.